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With your help, we will create a complete and detailed overview of the benefits you can offer your employees to improve attraction and retention.

Fill out the survey, contribute to the report, and receive your results.

Benefits for employees are more critical than ever.

As part of your employee rewards package, benefits are essential for attracting and retaining talent, recognising your employees' needs and supporting them to live a full life.

We're building the ultimate benchmark report for employee benefits in Germany because there are still questions about the most competitive package today.

That’s why we’re creating this survey. We want to hear directly from you, because you know the market best. We will focus on:
Which benefits are most common and in which category do companies invest right now
Which categories are on top of your mind (mobility, health & well-being, working time, pension & insurances, personal development, etc.)
How you put your policy into practice and which benefits are the most valued
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Figures x New Pay Collective

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This report is a collaboration between Figures & New Pay Collective

With our networks combined, we believe we can offer the best representation of the German HR community, and so offer you the most relevant insights.