Figures brings the feel-good factor to Duel


Industry: SaaS

Country: UK

Number of employees: 25+

Duel is a unique brand advocacy platform which enables ecommerce companies to track and incentivise their fans, ambassadors, and employees. Founded in 2020, Duel has just secured £2.5m in seed funding to expand and grow. We talked to Mia Roe-Edema, Head of People, to learn how Duel will use Figures to plan the forthcoming recruitment drive.

# The Challenge

SAAS start-up Duel experienced a fast rate of growth during the pandemic. Hiring was swift and ambitious, but the team lacked confidence when it came to salary offers. “Everything was changing so quickly, but we were struggling to create a general commentary on deciding how to compensate our people,” explains Mia. “It was difficult to get a unified sense of knowledge that wasn’t debated or done on gut instinct.” 

Her team knew they wanted to move towards a transparent payment structure, and it started with benchmarking. “We hadn’t used any tools. I’d done some very manual research via Google and Glassdoor to try to map out our scope.”  But this manual research wasn’t just time-consuming – it was unreliable, too. To tackle the upcoming recruitment drive and review existing salaries, Mia’s team would need a benchmarking tool.

# The Objectives

As Head of People, Mia emphasises that her role extends to the well-being of employees; of course, compensation plays a key part in this.  “I look after all things culture and HR, making sure that people are happy and healthy and feeling good about what they're doing. And that involves making sure that people get paid… and they get paid what they deserve.”

Figures was recommended by a colleague in one of Mia’s online business groups – just when Figures had acquired Payspectives and was extending its coverage in the UK. “It was good timing: I heard a few recommendations as Figures was merging the platforms to give really good context in the UK.”

# The Strategy

Which managers have been given access to the benchmarking data?  “To start with, Figures is only being used by me and the people team. But it will get more and more baked-in, with different members of the team using it and the founders able to check in.” 

Figures’ UK data provides Mia with a reliable source so that she can establish new salaries with confidence.  “We’re using the market data function – it’s so useful when it comes to mapping out new roles, forecasting, and looking at all of our people planning.”

“Since we started using Figures, we’ve also put in place salary benchmarking across all roles twice a year,” adds Mia. Long-term, she hopes to use the data to firm-up Duel’s compensation policy. “We’d like to commit to where we stand on our salary range and where our limits are; establishing how we hire, how we grow, and where we sit in the market.”

# The Results

Reliable data makes budgeting simpler. “The market data is so useful for forecasting,” says Mia. Duel’s latest funding round secured investment for expanding the team – which can be accurately planned using salaries generated by Figures. 

Salary reviews = happy teams. Figures has helped Mia achieve an important goal – empowering employees to feel respected and well-treated. “It's really benefited everyone in that regard; we made loads of changes to our current salary structure. So it meant that we could really be happy about where people are sitting and we can encourage our team to feel really good about that as well.”

Figures data will equip the team to make policy changes.  “We want to be able to say that we have a fully transparent payment structure. Moving forward, Figures will have a massive hand in that.” Setting up a strong and confident structure starts with dependable data; and Figures is all set to help Duel in their current mission towards growth.

“Figures has benefited lots of team members – it’s helped us to make sure we’re happy about where people are sitting, and it encourages them to feel good about it as well.” Mia Roe-Edema, Head of People, Duel

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