Using Figures "takes the guesswork out of new roles" at Perdoo


Industry: OKR platform 

Country: Germany

Number of employees: 26+

Perdoo is an innovative platform which helps growing companies to communicate, track and smash their goals. With more than 2,000 clients across Europe, the Berlin-based software firm was founded in 2015. We spoke to HR & Recruitment Manager, Larissa Diener, to learn how the company is using Figures to level salaries.

# The Challenge

Locating reliable and relevant data for salary benchmarking was proving tricky for the team at Perdoo.  “We had different tools, but I found the way they were illustrating benchmarks, the type of filters you had to apply, was often very complicated, very confusing,” explains Larissa.  “Then when you finally figure out how to do it, it’s sometimes hard to gather consistent insights from different sources”.

# The Objectives

Benchmarking data was necessary to evaluate the pay for new roles, but also to help the company make sure its internal pay scales stay competitive.  

Larissa became aware of Figures through a few different HR communities. “I'm part of a few HR communities in Berlin and there’s often someone asking in the Slack groups about benchmarks. Everyone is always referring to Figures. I feel it really has become a big name in Berlin,” observes Larissa. 

Saving time was an important factor in her decision. “We use multiple tools to benchmark our salaries, which can be complicated and time consuming. It’s good to have multiple trustworthy sources.”

# The Strategy

Researching the salary for new roles is a key responsibility for Larissa – and a task for which Figures could save time and errors. 

“When we hire a new person, we would look into the benchmarks to be aware of the salary.  What range are we going to offer, what are the market’s related salaries?  We always look at the benchmarks first before we decide on an amount.”

Exploring Figures also enables Larissa to make sure that Perdoo’s salaries are still competitive. “It’s benefited employees because we have adjusted salaries according to the market value.” This awareness among employees will probably increase retention too. 

# The Results

Larissa has found Figures easy to use when evaluating new roles.  As a one-stop source of salary data, it’s saved a lot of time. “What I find very helpful is the distinction between junior/mid-level/senior levels and the description that comes with it – there is an overview of tasks available, so it helped me to find more accurate benchmarks.”

The biggest benefit has been seen by Perdoo’s employees. The team has used Figures to adjust salaries in line with market changes. 

“What I find very helpful about Figures is the distinction between junior/mid-level/senior career levels and the description that comes with it – for every position there is an overview of tasks available, so it helped me to find more accurate benchmarks, as I don't have to guess which role would relate to our position.” 

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