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Benchmark & create your compensation policy based on European & UK salaries

Figures is Europe's leading compensation management platform, helping mid-market companies and enterprises to make fair and efficient salary decisions.

Data points from 1200+ companies across Europe.

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Instantly compare your compensation
policy with the competition

Save time and effort by visualising, analysing and comparing your compensation data among all markets with a tailored app.
Benchmark European & UK salaries: even the remote ones!
Base your decisions on data updated in real-time
Create an overview of your compensation policy
Level up your audit of salary equity between men and women
Start benchmarking

The compensation app
that simplifies your day to day

Your data are automatically integrated and synchronised with your own HRIS, i.e., CharlieHR, Bamboo, Lucca, Personio, Hibob, Humaans.

Create bands generation based on real-time market data

Customisable and flexible salary grid structure to fit your comp philosophy and company size.
No messy calculations, Figures is taking this process off your hands and provides you with expert guidance.
Always accurate and competitive, in line with the market and your current employee positioning.
Lead the way to fair pay

Data is a serious matter, especially when it’s yours

ISO 27001

Figures is the first European Compensation Management solution to be ISO 27001. Globally recognized as one of the highest information security management system standards.


The SOC2 report provides assurance to our customers and partners that Figures uses secure systems and processes to safeguard their data.


Figures is GDPR compliant, handling all personal data in compliance with the latest EU laws.

Start making efficient compensation decisions

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Find out why they are convinced by Figures

Sarah Ben Allel
VP People @ Qonto

Figures is an essential platform for building a compensation policy that matches Qonto's ambitions

At last, a solution to avoid navigating a subject as important as compensation to attract and retain talent!The perfect intermediary to manage confidential and sensitive data securely and draw the right conclusions. A must have for all startups!
Sébastien Lefrant
VP People Experience @ Swile

Before Figures, we had no reliable way of knowing what salaries were being paid by the rest of the start-ups / scale-ups in France. The standard market surveys were not relevant and there was no serious alternative.

Since Figures came along, all that has changed: we have access to accurate and relevant compensation data, via a tool that is extremely easy to use for my team and I.
Paul de Preville
VP Sales @ Mansa

Instead of searching the world wide web for hours looking for compensation benchmarking data, Mansa finds reliable benchmarking data for the exact positions they are hiring for.

With Figures’ data, Mansa was able to create a salary grid with each position and level with data-backed salary ranges.