What is Figures?

Our mission at Figures is to empower companies to make fair and efficient compensation decisions.

How are we trying to achieve this?
Since October 2020, we offer companies a compensation benchmark product: it enables them to access reliable data regarding compensation in the European market.
How does it work?

Where is the data coming from?

100% of Figures data comes from our clients themselves, who agreed to share their compensation details with Figures.

Following their data submission, we then carefully validate with them their data, to ensure consistency and coherence.

What is the methodology behind it?

We collect and aggregate compensation information(base salary, variable pay, bonuses, profit sharing schemes...) per role, seniority level and location.

We then allow companies to explore this anonymised, aggregated market data in order for them to determine what fair compensation is for any given role, candidate and employee based on objective and unbiased information.
For example, through Figures, clients can access compensation information for:
- Senior Data Analysts in Paris
- Junior Financial Officers
in London
- Head of Marketing
in Berlin

How can I be sure the data is up to date?

Most of our data comes from real-time HR systems information. This means we’re getting daily updates from our clients, and therefore on the market as a whole!

Wow, sounds amazing! Why is my company not a client?!

Good question, thanks for asking! Don’t hesitate to tell them more about us 😇

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