Get instant access to compensation benchmarks directly within Hiresweet.

We’ve teamed up to offer real-time compensation benchmarks directly within the Hiresweet platform!

Pay Transparency is rapidly becoming the norm to attract talent. We’ve teamed up to offer Hiresweet users quick access to Europe’s most reliable real-time compensation benchmark.

Figures is Europe's leading compensation management platform, helping mid-market companies and enterprises to make fair and efficient salary decisions.

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Access the largest European market data benchmark

How It Works

Real-time benchmarks provided for new jobs being launched in the platform. Based on Job title, Location and Level of Seniority.
Geographic coverage all over Europe.

Compare live market ranges for specific roles

How It Works

25th, 50th and 75th percentiles easily adjusted for different levels of seniority and experience
No more guessing compensation ranges when going live with a new role!

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