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  • Advanced search for market compensation data
  • Filter on companies that are similar to you (size, funding level, industry)
  • Comparison of your salaries with those of your competitors
  • Localized data: Paris, Remote, Abroad...
  • Automatic calculation of your market positioning
  • Dynamic list of your employees with high salary gaps with your peers
  • HR KPI comparisons (turnover, annual salary increase budget, etc.)

Gender Diversity

  • Our Gender Equality Index for an accurate assessment of your gender diversity situation
  • 4 precise, actionable scores on which to compare yourself with your peers
  • An actionable list of occupations with the largest M/F salary gaps

Venture Capitals

  • Access to start-up/scale-up plus:
  • Dashboard Portfolio: follow the remuneration policies of all your portfolio companies in real time
  • Executive Benchmark: streamline compensation reviews with accurate market data
  • M/F Diversity Dashboard: compare the situations of your participants through 4 key scores

Our customers talk about us

Agnès Chauvigny, Head of People @ Spendesk
Agnès Chauvigny
Head of People @ Spendesk
Figures' compensation benchmark saved me a considerable amount of time when preparing for this year's annual compensation review.Last year I had to consolidate multiple sources of data, none truely reliable or well structured. This year however, I could rely on Figures' precise and relevant data, organized by jobs and level of seniority.Moreover, the amount of relevant companies that participated to Figures benchmark gave instant credibility to its market data and therefore our internal salary grid.
Sebastien Lefrant, VP People Experience @ Swile
Sebastien Lefrant
VP People Experience @ Swile
Before Figures, we had no reliable way of knowing what salaries were being paid by the rest of the start-ups / scale-ups in France. The standard market surveys were not relevant and there was no serious alternative.Since Figures came along, all that has changed: we have access to accurate and relevant compensation data, via a tool that is extremely easy to use for my team and I.