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Get access to the most reliable real-time
compensation benchmark.

Companies that already have an effective compensation policy

Instant access to salary benchmarking

Find out your market positioning to drive your competitive compensation strategy using our salary benchmarking feature.

Real-time positioning of teams and employees in the market

Broad and expanding geographical coverage

User-friendly interface

Get the complete picture, quickly identify key areas of improvement, and prioritize appropriate adjustments.

One-click data sharing to inform HR, TA and managers of selected market information

Smart filters (activity, company size, funding, etc.) for more precise targeting

Connection to real-time salary data from the HRIS

Track and monitor

Evaluate gaps and collaborate with team managers to help them proactively participate in compensation decisions.

Track your gender pay gap to identify pay disparities within your organization

View of total compensation with a breakdown of variable pay

Market movement updates sent directly to you

Optimise hiring offers

Design compensation package offers like never before.

Visualize where your new offer stands compared to the market, your current employees and candidates’ expectations.

Specify by role

Calculate for seniority levels

Compare salary expectations vs. market rate

benchmark figures
benchmark figures

Get more data, faster with


By leveraging our extensive salary dataset, Figures AI predicts pay ranges based on correlations between roles, locations, levels, company size & more, bringing you x3 data worldwide

With Figures AI, you can confidently make informed compensation decisions, even in data-deficient scenarios, and attract & retain top talent with precision.

Figures has become an essential tool for my business.
Its major assets are: quality data in real time, continuous improvement (with the development of new features), and its UX/UI. Figures is not just simply a compensation tool, they also regularly host webinars and share top-quality surveys and articles at the heart of compensation experts' issues.

Stéphanie Lafont

Responsable rémunération et avantages sociaux @ SNCF Connect & Tech

Figures is an essential platform for building a compensation policy that matches Qonto's ambitions
At last, a solution to avoid navigating a subject as important as compensation to attract and retain talent!The perfect intermediary to manage confidential and sensitive data securely and draw the right conclusions. A must have for all startups!

Sarah Ben Allel

VP People @ Qonto

Another great addition from Figures to simplify the compensation process
I finally got a chance to dive deeper into the Compensation Review module from Figures. And I can tell you, this is GREAT! Not only does it have the very intuitive UI I am used to at Figures, it also ties in seamlessly with the other modules and our planned review cycle. My take on it? Helps ensure fair and consistent salary increases.

Fem Markslag

Head of People @ Cryptio

Compensation is such a key topic and it has always been so difficult to have reliable market data. Thanks to Figures this is now changing and I can’t recommend the platform enough!

Roxanne Varza

Director @ Station F

Figures is a great, easy-to-understand, and accessible benchmarking tool that connects directly with our HRIS, so no more painful filling of excel lists...
With Figures’ data, ready2order was able to easily connect their HRIS to Figures pave the road for other Austrian companies

Daniela Berger

Head of People & Culture@ ready2order

We can see the trustworthiness of the data; five stars for how reliable the data is.
When a company is scaling, you need solid foundations in your talent management cycle. The sooner you've got those foundations, the better. You can scale. I believe that Figures provides a big part in that.

Richard Yarsley

Chief People Officer @ Malt

Before Figures, we had no reliable way of knowing what salaries were being paid by the rest of the start-ups / scale-ups in France.
Since Figures came along, all that has changed: we have access to accurate and relevant compensation data, via a tool that is extremely easy to use for my team and I.

Sébastien Lefrant

VP People Experience @ Swile

Figures enables Treatwell to empower our leaders to make wise and conscious budgeting decisions when it comes to new roles and reviews.
Team Treatwell is about to carry out a review cycle and Figures will enable them to stay competitive. “That’s when we can really take advantage, not just for recruiting but retention"

Talya Avram

Director of Talent Acquisition @ Treatwell

Figures has benefited lots of team members – it’s helped us to make sure we’re happy about where people are sitting, and it encourages them to feel good about it as well.

Mia Roe-Edema

Head of People @ Duel

We are using Figures during the budget process when we’re planning how much salary adjustments we want to make
Team OUTFITTERY is using Figures to help navigate the world of hiring and ensuring they understand market trends to continue to pay their employees a competitive salary. "It’s super helpful to compare our comp packages with what we see in the market"

Quilco Hasemann

Head of People & Culture @ OUTFITTERY

Interesting ergonomics and innovative features.
Gradually changed its positioning from SME to bigger companies and the tool is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of these large companies.

Tristan Blasselle

C&B Senior Manager @ Doctolib


Got more questions? If we missed anything, just reach out and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

What is the Benchmark module?

It allows you to browse and compare real-time market data on other companies’ compensation practices. Using multiple filters (levels, location, industry, company size, etc.), you can quickly identify improvement areas and share relevant market data with stakeholders.

What sources does Figures use for Benchmark data?

The data is exclusively collected through our customer base. With updated information and SIRH integrations, we enrich our dataset and ensure that the data always reflects the current market conditions.

How often is the Benchmark data updated?

We collect compensation changes daily through our customers HRIS APIs, but we chose to update our benchmarks once a month after rigorous quality checks to ensure both stability and high-quality data for our customers. provides real-time data and is monthly updated.

How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of Benchmark data?

Accuracy in our Benchmark data is ensured through rigorous data collection protocols, quality checks and continuous data updates.

How to get a demo?

Nothing could be easier! Click here, you'll just have to provide some information about your company, and you can get a full demo of the platform.

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