Fair pay, the simple way

Figures is an all-in-one compensation app for startups and scaleups, updated in real-time and powering improved pay equity.

More transparency
More equity
More retention

Instantly compare your compensation policy with the competition

With a tailored app, save time and effort by visualising, analysing and comparing your compensation data among all markets or just your own. 
Analyse who may be at risk of leaving due to salary
Base your decisions on data updated in real-time
Create an overview of your compensation policy
Level up your audit of salary equity between men and women with unique and innovative indicators
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companies across Europe use Figures
Thanks to Figures, 
we have a more 
structured HR policy!
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Your data is carefully protected

→ 100% reliable, verified data
→ Real-time updates with your HRIS
→ A compensation app integrated to your HRIS
→ Evaluate your pay policy compared to the competition in a blink of an eye
→ Your data is GDPR-compliant, and it’s hosted and protected in Europe 🇪🇺
→ Figures is already active in 6 countries and soon in all of Europe

Lead compensation conversations with peace of mind

Figures streamlines your conversations with candidates and employees so that you can spend time on other issues!
HR teams can set up improved internal practices and lead your company to a new era of pay equity.
Easily visualise and analyse live data from your competitors
Benefit from a unique source of accurate information for your internal and external conversations
Having access to Figures has saved me a lot of time in the annual salary review process. I was able to rely on reliable, accurate and organised market data!
Agnès Chauvigny Chief Human Resources Officer @ BuyCo

Efficiently untangle your pay policy with Figures

Navigate a simple platform
Organise by market, profession and role to establish and refine your policy
Compare your organisation to those that resemble your own
Filter as much data as you like to see how you measure up
Identify the talent that may challenge your offer
Access a list of your employees to identify who is underpaid and how to retain them
Using the data from Figures, Mansa was able to create a salary grid for each position and level with salary ranges supported by data.
Paul de Préville VP Sales @ Mansa

Amplify your commitments with more equitable compensation

Improve your pay scales and reputation to boost team pride, progress and motivation...And follow the evolution of your compensation policy
Precise and detailed overview of your gender equity index
Automatic calculations based on your data
Linked performance indicators, like measuring your M/F salary gap, among others!
Figures is the ideal app for building a remuneration policy that matches Qonto's ambitions. It will help you understand the importance of compensation in attracting and retaining talent!
Sarah Ben Allel VP People @ Qonto

The compensation app that simplifies your day to day

HRIS integrations
→ No more Excel: Your data is automatically integrated and synchronised
→   Use your own HRIS, i.e. Humaans, Personio, BambooHR, Hibob
Your data is carefully protected
→ Anonymous data collection
→ Security certificate
→ GDPR-compliant data storage
360° Platform view
→ Your dashboard provides a precise and detailed overview of your pay equity situation
→ Filters allow you to compare your data with that of the competition
Gender Equality Index
→ Discover your personalised analysis via filters: market positioning, gap audit and risk analysis.
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