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Figures is Europe's leading compensation management platform, helping mid-market companies and enterprises to make fair and efficient salary decisions.

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Companies that already have an effective compensation policy

Compensation doesn’t have to be a headache anymore

Instantly compare
your compensation policy

Get access to the most reliable real-time European compensation benchmark.

Automate bands generation
based on real-time market data

The #1 simple & efficient solution to build, maintain and share your salary bands.

Easily plan
compensations review

Plan your next compensation review with peace of mind: define and manage your next salary increase budget with Figures.

Get more data, faster with

By leveraging our extensive salary dataset, Figures AI predicts pay ranges based on correlations between roles, locations, levels, company size & more, bringing you x3 data worldwide

With Figures AI, you can confidently make informed compensation decisions, even in data-deficient scenarios, and attract & retain top talent with precision.

See the impact of structuring your compensation


Escape the Excel nightmare: Gain time using a simple dedicated solution with proven frameworks.

Stay on trend: Rely on strong comp foundations based on real-time market data so you’re always up-to-date.

Drive processes & collaboration: No more on the fly decisions, start making effective data-driven decisions. 

Cost saving

Stop making costly mistakes: Manual adjustments lead to errors and time wasted. 

Always stay on-budget: plan your compensation decisions to be aligned with your internal Compensation Policy. 

Better spending: Strategic workforce costs allocations, HC planning and Comp Reviews budgeting. 


Retain your key talent: stop losing employees based on pay. Get the full picture on pay and quickly identify areas of improvement.

Attract top talent: position yourself as a competitive and engaging employer, by staying ahead of the market. 

Data is a serious matter, especially when it’s yours

ISO 27001

Figures is the first European Compensation Management solution to be ISO 27001. Globally recognized as one of the highest information security management system standards.


The SOC2 report provides assurance to our customers and partners that Figures uses secure systems and processes to safeguard their data.


Figures is GDPR compliant, handling all personal data in compliance with the latest EU laws.

Everything you need to maintain a competitive salary policy

The largest Tech
European data benchmark

compensation insights

compensation reviews

Salary bands generation based
on real-time market data

Figures is an essential platform for building a compensation policy that matches Qonto's ambitions
At last, a solution to avoid navigating a subject as important as compensation to attract and retain talent!The perfect intermediary to manage confidential and sensitive data securely and draw the right conclusions. A must have for all startups!

Sarah Ben Allel

VP People @ Qonto

Compensation is such a key topic and it has always been so difficult to have reliable market data. Thanks to Figures this is now changing and I can’t recommend the platform enough!

Roxanne Varza

Director @ Station F

Figures is a great, easy-to-understand, and accessible benchmarking tool that connects directly with our HRIS, so no more painful filling of excel lists...
With Figures’ data, ready2order was able to easily connect their HRIS to Figures pave the road for other Austrian companies

Daniela Berger

Head of People & Culture@ ready2order

We can see the trustworthiness of the data; five stars for how reliable the data is.
When a company is scaling, you need solid foundations in your talent management cycle. The sooner you've got those foundations, the better. You can scale. I believe that Figures provides a big part in that.

Richard Yarsley

Chief People Officer @ Malt

Before Figures, we had no reliable way of knowing what salaries were being paid by the rest of the start-ups / scale-ups in France.
Since Figures came along, all that has changed: we have access to accurate and relevant compensation data, via a tool that is extremely easy to use for my team and I.

Sébastien Lefrant

VP People Experience @ Swile

Figures enables Treatwell to empower our leaders to make wise and conscious budgeting decisions when it comes to new roles and reviews.
Team Treatwell is about to carry out a review cycle and Figures will enable them to stay competitive. “That’s when we can really take advantage, not just for recruiting but retention"

Talya Avram

Director of Talent Acquisition @ Treatwell

Figures has benefited lots of team members – it’s helped us to make sure we’re happy about where people are sitting, and it encourages them to feel good about it as well.

Mia Roe-Edema

Head of People @ Duel

We are using Figures during the budget process when we’re planning how much salary adjustments we want to make
Team OUTFITTERY is using Figures to help navigate the world of hiring and ensuring they understand market trends to continue to pay their employees a competitive salary. "It’s super helpful to compare our comp packages with what we see in the market"

Quilco Hasemann

Head of People & Culture @ OUTFITTERY

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