The salary of a Developpeur Back-End

How much does a Developpeur Back-Endin 2024?

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Role and missions of a Developpeur Back-End

The job of Product Manager is a fairly recent job in the world of Tech and startups, very popular with both candidates and companies. A Product Manager (or product manager) has the role of ensuring that the team delivers the best possible product. His profession lies at the intersection of technology, business and design. He has to wear many hats and defend the interests of all stakeholders.

As a Product Manager, you will first be the defender of the customer and all end users. You will discover their needs and translate them into goals and features. Then you make sure that these features are implemented consistently to really meet the needs of your customers. You will be involved in all product decisions, from the smallest to the largest. One day you might brainstorm the three-year vision for your team, while the next day you'll be working on button details in a dialog.‍

Product management is a highly collaborative role. The Product Manager typically serves as the primary link between engineers and other roles such as design, quality assurance, user research, data analysts, marketing, sales, customer support, business development , legal, content writers, other engineering teams, and management. It's usually the product manager's job to identify when one of these teams needs to step in and replace them if they don't exist.

Find out why they are convinced by Figures

Sarah Ben Allel
VP People @ Qonto

Figures is an essential platform for building a compensation policy that matches Qonto's ambitions

At last, a solution to avoid navigating a subject as important as compensation to attract and retain talent!The perfect intermediary to manage confidential and sensitive data securely and draw the right conclusions. A must have for all startups!
Sébastien Lefrant
VP People Experience @ Swile

Before Figures, we had no reliable way of knowing what salaries were being paid by the rest of the start-ups / scale-ups in France. The standard market surveys were not relevant and there was no serious alternative.

Since Figures came along, all that has changed: we have access to accurate and relevant compensation data, via a tool that is extremely easy to use for my team and I.
Talya Avram
Director of Talent Acquisition @ Treatwell

Figures enables Treatwell to empower our leaders to make wise and conscious budgeting decisions when it comes to new roles and reviews.

Team Treatwell is about to carry out a review cycle and Figures will enable them to stay competitive. “That’s when we can really take advantage, not just for recruiting but retention"
Mia Roe-Edema
Head of People @ Duel

Figures has benefited lots of team members – it’s helped us to make sure we’re happy about where people are sitting, and it encourages them to feel good about it as well.

Paul de Preville
VP Sales @ Mansa

Instead of searching the world wide web for hours looking for compensation benchmarking data, Mansa finds reliable benchmarking data for the exact positions they are hiring for.

With Figures’ data, Mansa was able to create a salary grid with each position and level with data-backed salary ranges.