Are You Prepared For The
EU Pay Transparency Directive?

Don’t be caught by surprise, major changes are coming in 2025. Start complying with the EU Pay Transparency Directive before it’s too late!

1000+ companies supercharge their compensation processes with Figures

How ready is your organisation?

Figures supports you in your transparency journey and helps you being compliant to the European directive. Take the 2-min test now to find out your organisation readiness score and recommended action plan.

Rely on strong compensation foundations

This regulation will put your compensation policies under stress.
Here’s a simple & efficient solution to create, update and share your salary bands with transparency in mind
Save days by automating bands generation based on market data
Design and update your bands using all your current market data sources
Securely share bands with managers or recruiters
Ditch the outdated spreadsheets madness!

Made for collaboration

HR, Managers, and soon Employees and Candidates: You will need to collaborate or inform more and more stakeholders.
A single source of truth: say goodbye to dozen of insecure spreadsheets
Set up secure and personalised access rights: HR, managers, employees
An intuitive design made to simplify compensation
Connected to real-time employee and salary data from HRIS
Photo-intervenantLogo Welcome to the Jungle

Our employees were asking for more transparency on compensation. Figures gives us this clarity and guarantees that we won't deviate from this stance.

Europe & UK’s End-To-End Compensation Platform

Figures gives HR and rewards teams confidence in improving transparency,  talent attraction, and retention, while saving them time.

Market Data

Get instant access to the most reliable real-timecompensation benchmark in Europe.

Salary Bands

Stay competitive and transparent witha simple & efficient solution to build, update and share your Salary Bands.

Compensation Review

Run seamless, collaborative compensation reviews at scale using Figures

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