Glassdoor reviews: 5 ways for employers to improve their glassdoor company reviews

November 23, 2023
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How to improve your Glassdoor company reviews

Ah, Glassdoor. The website where employees can anonymously rate their employers, air their grievances, and praise their bosses. It's a place where you can get an inside look at a company's culture, salary bands, and what their employees really think of them.

But what happens when a company's Glassdoor rating isn't looking so hot?

Maybe they've got a measly 2.5 stars, or worse, their rating is so low that they're not even listed on the site.

Fear not, here are some steps companies can take to improve their Glassdoor rating and attract top talent.

5 ways for employers to get a higher Glassdoor review

Step 1: Pay your employees a fair wage.

Let's start with the elephant in the room: fair pay. People want to know if they're getting paid what they're worth. And if they're not, you can bet they're going to leave a less-than-stellar review on Glassdoor. So, make sure you're paying your employees a fair wage.

How do you ensure fair pay for your employees? Our expert compensation team recommends using salary bands. At Figures, we define salary bands as: How much a company is willing to pay for each job at a given level of execution.

Step 2: Create a positive work environment.

Nobody wants to work in a toxic environment.

If your employees are constantly stressed out, overworked, and undervalued, they're going to let the world know about it on Glassdoor.

So, make sure you're creating a positive work environment where your employees feel valued, supported, and heard. This can include providing flexible work options to your employees, measuring and improving inclusion, AND having clear communication.

Step 3: Encourage employee feedback.

If you want to improve your Glassdoor rating, you need to know what your employees are thinking. Encourage them to provide feedback on what they like about working for your company and what they think could be improved.

Then, actually take their feedback into consideration and make changes accordingly (and communicate about it!).

Step 4: Address negative reviews.

If you've got some negative reviews on Glassdoor, don't just ignore them.

Address them head-on. Respond to the reviewer, apologize for any negative experiences they had, and explain what steps you're taking to address the issue.

Step 5: Emphasize your company culture.

Finally, make sure you're emphasizing your company culture on Glassdoor.

Highlight your values, mission, and what makes your company a great place to work. If potential employees can see that you're committed to creating a positive work environment and treating your employees well, they'll be more likely to want to work for you.

Now, let's address some common questions about Glassdoor:

Can companies delete Glassdoor reviews?

No, companies cannot delete Glassdoor reviews. However, they can respond to them and address any concerns the reviewers may have.

Can companies see who posted on Glassdoor?

No, companies cannot see who posted on Glassdoor. Reviews are anonymous to protect the reviewers from potential retaliation.

Are Glassdoor reviews anonymous?

Yes, Glassdoor reviews are anonymous. This allows employees to provide honest feedback without fear of repercussions.

Can you remove your company from Glassdoor?

No, companies cannot remove themselves from Glassdoor. However, they can claim their profile and update information about their company.

How does Glassdoor verify reviews?

Glassdoor uses a variety of methods to verify reviews, including IP address tracking and email verification. They also have a team of moderators who review all reviews for inappropriate content.

So, there you have it! With these steps, companies can improve their Glassdoor rating and attract top talent. Just remember, happy employees make for happy reviews.

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