The power of pay transparency with Otta

November 21, 2023
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The power of salary transparency

Salary transparency goes beyond publishing the pay on a job description. It’s about openly communicating salaries with candidates, empowering your team, and building a fairer and more equitable workplace.

If you’re already starting to think about salary transparency, you’re already a step ahead of most companies.

But you might also be wondering:

  • What are the challenges and benefits of pay transparency?
  • How is EU legislation affecting transparency?
  • What have business leaders learnt throughout their salary transparency journey?

Alongside Otta and a panel of experts we answer all these questions and more.

Watch the replay

Speakers: Virgile Raingeard, CEO at Figures, Theo Margolius, Co-Founder at Otta, Mariabrisa Olivares, Chief People Officer at Owkin, Ally Fekaiki, CEO at Juno

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That's why we created Figures, you don't need to be a compensation expert, we are. With our an all-in-one compensation platform updated in real-time, expert HR and People insights, we want to make your job more efficient and power more fair decisions.

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