How MeilleursAgents used Figures to succeed in its HR policy


Industry: Real Estate

Country: France

Number of Employees: 370+ is an online platform for innovative real estate services for homeowners and real estate agents. With their online property value estimation tool, they help sellers and renters price their property in the best way possible and hire the right brokers for the sale.

# The Challenge

Over the past two years, MeilleursAgents experienced huge growth and multiplied their team by 43%. Great news, but with growth comes challenges. They needed to find a way to hire the best talent for their growing team and keep employee loyalty high.

To achieve this, they first needed to find a way to structure salaries to make them as attractive as possible to new and existing talent.

The first step to doing that was benchmarking wages in the market. The HR team tried to collect data from everywhere, including websites, asking recruitment firms, joining slack groups, and even asking the candidates themselves. In such a way, benchmarking data was outdated, biased, and unreliable.

When all the data was collected, it was entered in an Excel spreadsheet, making data difficult to analyze. MeilleursAgents was ready for a better solution.

This is when MeilleursAgents met Figures.

# The Objectives

MeilleursAgents put Figures in place to get reliable, easy-to-use compensation benchmarking data.

Specifically, they wanted to rely on Figures’ benchmarking data to make recruitment offers and set salary reviews for their employees. In launching a project with Figures, MeilleursAgents hoped to achieve the following results:

  • Win over needed talent by having appropriate salary offers
  • Increase retention with correct offers
  • Save time in setting salaries

# The Strategy

MeilleursAgents used Figures to put the following strategies in place:

Get high-quality data to benchmark salaries Rather than rely on questionable, outdated sources, Figures provides MeilleursAgents with high-quality, precise data collected from a pool of 23,000+ employee salaries in start-ups and growing companies.

MeilleursAgents can now access and compare 5 to 500+ wages in any given geographical area. Since the data is updated each year, MeilleursAgents uses this reliable data to benchmark salaries more accurately.

Compare apple to apple Salaries are determined by many factors. The Figures’ platform ensures data is relatable and easy to filter. Figures’ filters allow MeilleursAgents to specify precisely what type of profile to compare. Many filters may be used, with the most common being:

Industry Company Size Location Seniority level Position

For example, when MeilleursAgents needed to hire a Data Engineer in the intermediate level of seniority. They could benchmark this salary according to location (Paris), industry (Real Estate), Seniority level (Intermediate), Years of experience (5+), etc. This gave them the information required to offer an attractive salary that matched their budget and the candidate’s expectation.

Build trust during compensation conversations Figures not only helps MeilleursAgents structure their salaries and give them a way to create positive compensation conversations. MeilleursAgents downloads the data used to benchmark salaries and share them with candidates and existing team members to show their position as a fair, open, and transparent company.

Ensure gender equality Gender equality is an essential value for MeilleursAgents. To prove that they value women and men equally, they use the Figures Gender Equality Index and share the report with their teams. This report shows how many men and women they hire per department and how many are in management roles.

# The Results

Thanks to Figures, MeilleursAgents achieved the following results:

Recruit the right talent at the right cost MeilleursAgents could access Figures’ market data to create strategic data-backed offers that attracted the right talent to the company.

Build a culture of trust and transparency that increased employee retention By having a solid basis for salary reviews and sharing the benchmark data, MeilleursAgents brought about more transparency to their employees and increased employee loyalty.

Simplify HR responsibilities With easy access to updated, quality data, MeilleursAgents’ HR team could spend less time looking for data and more time on making a good employee experience.

MeilleursAgents plans on continuing with Figures in their future as they continue in their growth. One day, MeilleursAgents plans on expanding to over 2,000 employees. They are happy to rely on Figures for all of their compensation decisions to come.

With Figures, we can make better, more confident salary decisions backed up by reliable data. This makes compensation conversations so much easier. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Aminata Pelletier, Head of People

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