Solving the Founder's Compensation Dilemma

July 13, 2023
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Solving the Founder's Compensation Dilemma

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship! We know that building your dream is exhilarating, but let's face it, filled with lots of unknowns.

As you dive headfirst into this thrilling adventure, get ready for a wild ride filled with numerous decisions that'll shape the future of your company.

And yes, one of those decisions is figuring out the not-so-easy-peasy question: "How should I compensate myself?"

Picture this: on one hand, you want to treat yourself to a well-deserved reward for your hard work, dedication, and the guts it takes to chase your dreams. But, on the other hand, you also need to ensure your business stays financially healthy and keeps those cash flow woes at bay.

Rest assured, we are here to guide you through the intricate world of founder compensation.

Together, we will delve into this significant challenge, incorporating a healthy dose of data-driven insights, to discover that elusive sweet spot where you receive fair remuneration.

So, how should founders compensate themselves?

Using real-time data of course. But that data isn't easy to find.

That's why we've joined forces with Point Nine to build the calculator that the world deserves. Over five years ago, Christoph Janz (Co-Founder & Partner) dared to try to answer the the question of what is fair for founders compensation.

With a few conversations, we decided to give this age-old question a revamp and a solution.

Meet the Founders Compensation Calculator

Say farewell to guesswork and embrace the power of data-driven compensation for founders!

Try it now and see what you should be paid!

How does it work?

This simple calculator lets you quickly estimate how much a company founder should earn based on 3 simple criteria:

  • Company stage (funding round)
  • Founder’s location (cost of living)
  • Parental status (number of children)

Want a deep dive into the methodology? Head over to this insightful blog post, where we explain the magic behind the scenes.

The analysis is based on 728 data points provided by us at Figures!

Why are we at Figures powering it with our data?

Simple – it aligns with our core values of efficiency and fairness. Plus, our mission is to aid companies in making data-driven decisions, and sharing this valuable data with the world is a no-brainer.

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