The State of Pay Report


The State of Pay

We analysed 48,000 data points across the Assemble & Figures datasets to show how employee compensation differs between the US and Europe.

To maximize your learnings, we are sharing both the full report AND a recorded webinar that has the key takeaways! Let's dive in...

Introducing The State of Pay report by Figures x Assemble

After 3 months of hard work & collaboration, we are giving you access to the State of Pay Report.

In this report, we explain:

  • The key compensation differences between the US and Europe
  • Which countries are most and least transparent on compensation
  • How to build a consistent and transparent location-based pay strategy that’s aligned to your organisation’s needs

Looking just for the first key takeaways & some further insights? Watch our webinar...

Watch the webinar

What you will get in the webinar? 

  • Figures CEO Virgile Raingeard, and Assemble Co-Founder Lisa Wallace chatting about the biggest differences are, and why they exist.
  • Top insights we found during our report writing
  • 4 recommended actions to build an equitable compensation strategy for your multinational company.

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That's why we created Figures, you don't need to be a compensation expert, we are. With our an all-in-one compensation platform updated in real-time, expert HR and People insights, we want to make your job more efficient and power more fair decisions.

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