Benefits of remote work for employees

November 23, 2023
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Benefits of remote work for employees

Continuing the series collaboration between Figures and Flexa, we’re discussing the topic of remote work for employees from a flexibility perspective. 

If you’re interested to read more about any of the other topics from this series around remote work, flexibility and compensation, we’ve provided some quick links below: 

Top five benefits of remote work 

Remote work offers a number of benefits for employees, offering flexibility and autonomy over how, where and when we work.

#1 Work-life balance

Remote work allows employees to better manage their work-life balance by offering them the ability to create a schedule that suits their needs.

They can work during times when they are most productive, and they can also take breaks to take care of personal responsibilities like picking up children from school or running errands.

Using data collected from the Flexa platform over the last six months, on average, 54% of candidates were searching for fully-remote roles, and 33% were looking for roles that offer a remote-first working environment. 

#2 Increased autonomy

Working remotely allows employees to have greater autonomy and control over their work environment, which can help to increase motivation and productivity.

Employees have the ability to create an environment that is comfortable for them, which may include desk setups and background noise control.

#3 Increased flexibility

Remote work offers more flexibility in terms of work location, which can be particularly beneficial for employees who are unable to travel to work daily due to distance.

This opens the doors for employers also to reach a wider talent pool as you’re no longer restricted to hiring employees within commutable distance of the office environment. 

Benefits such as work-from-anywhere schemes offer added flexibility, enabling employees to travel abroad and work - 81% of candidates (on average, over the last six-month period), according to the Flexa platform, have been searching for roles offering this benefit. 

#4 Improved health and wellness

Remote work can have positive impacts on an employee's health and wellness. Employees have the flexibility to take breaks when needed, allowing them to engage in physical activity and prepare homemade healthy meals.

#5 Reduced stress

The flexibility of remote work can help to reduce stress and anxiety associated with the traditional office environment. Employees have more control over their work-life balance, which can help to improve their mental health and overall well-being.

Remote work gives employees more control and autonomy over their work environment and schedule, allowing them the freedom and choice to create a better work-life balance and reduce stress. This flexibility can lead to increased motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Want to find out how flexible you are as an employer?

Start by taking Flexa’s free benchmarking quiz. You’ll receive tailored insights and  recommendations on improving your flexible working environments. 

And finally, are you sure how to compensate your remote employees?

Now that we've looked into the benefits of remote work for employees, how confident do you feel about their compensation?

Here are a few of our favourite resources:

And take some advice from Richard Yarsley, Chief People Officer at Malt, when you're looking for data to expand your team and be fair, salary benchmarking with Figures is the right solution:

“When a company is scaling, you need solid foundations in your talent management cycle and that includes everything: how you hire, how you assess performance, how you reward performance, how you pay people. The sooner you've got those foundations, the better. You can scale. I believe that Figures provides a big part in that.”

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